Benefits of Alexander Technique Lessons

The other day a new descriptive article on the Alexander Technique appeared in the British website As so often happens, it initially describes the Technique as postural training, which is untrue. Improved posture is a happy byproduct of taking Alexander Technique lessons, not a goal in itself.

I find that trying to define the Alexander Technique to those who have never taken lessons is not very helpful. Instead, I try to describe the benefits of taking lessons, like reduced pain, feeling more at ease, feeling lighter, improved performance, less stress, less stage fright, etc. To quote the article:

People who suffer with chronic back pain and have tried other therapies often wish they had come to the Alexander Technique earlier as it offered them the best long-term solution.

The Alexander Technique can be used in everyday life, improving performance in many professions including sport, music and acting. It is useful during pregnancy where it helps relieve complaints such as back ache and tiredness.

It can also be very effective in reducing the symptoms of computer-related work, including RSI, and has helped people who are living with MS (multiple sclerosis) and ME (myalgic encephalopathy).

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  1. Padmini Menon

    Hi Paige,
    That’s a very helpful idea – to describe the benefits of the Alexander Technique rather than trying to describe what it is – I’ve tied myself up in knots trying to do exactly that, so I know!