Taller, Wealthier and More Beautiful

Victoria Beckham

Posh, pre-Alexander Technique

I am in my final term of training to become an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher, and I currently teach twice-weekly lessons to two “practice pupils.” This is to give me some initial professional experience and prepare me to teach independently.

I love my practice pupils for lots of reasons, but largely because they ask really tough questions like “What are you doing?” and “Why?” Inspired by their example, I’ve begun asking myself some tough questions about the Alexander Technique, and one that came up for me today was, “So we’re trying to develop constructive conscious control of our manner of reaction, but why does it matter? Why should I want to develop conscious control of myself?”

My brilliant and well thought out answer is, “Because it makes you more attractive.” Shallow, but completely true. Nobody wants to be a slouch who complains about their aches and pains, overreacts to everyday situations, and is subject to wild emotional gusts. If Victoria Beckham had the wherewithal to turn to the Technique to solve her posture problems, she’s probably not the only one who wouldn’t mind looking taller and more beautiful.

Vanity is not the noblest motivator, but it is powerful. Look at all the products and services we pay good money for in order to be more attractive. Haircuts, makeup, skin treatment, diet products, gym memberships…and how much of it is really working? So why aren’t we ready to invest in improving our conscious control of ourselves?

Who wouldn’t want to be taller and have fewer wrinkles? Not to mention decrease their anxiety, eliminate back pain and breathe freely for the first time in years? These are some of the changes I’ve experienced since I was first introduced to the Technique. So, several years on in my practice of the Alexander Technique, I have to ask myself…

Am I taller? Yes, measurably.

Am I wealthier? Well, if you measure wealth in happiness and hugs, yes I am.

More beautiful? If beauty is freedom from painful habits, then most definitely yes.